Demo Team

The Demo Team is comprised of students who show dedication, outstanding technique, and positive attitude throughout their training. The demo team performs for school events, as well as community events, to introduce and promote Taekwondo to the public. Their performances include board breaking, patterns (Poomsae), and self defence techniques. Not only does the Demo Team go about benefiting the public, but also themselves as well through gaining experience in stage performance, building self confidence, and overall team spirit.

List of Performances

  • Unionville Meadows P.S. Spring Festival
  • Richmond Hill Christian Community Church Talent Show


  • Many Faces of Markham @ Markham Theatre
  • Hand Over Hand Organization for Autistic Youth
  • Markham Village Music Festival
  • City Mosaic by Across U-hub
  • Night It Up! 動力夜市 2014
  • Family Fun Day @ Scarborough Community Alliance Church


  • Spark Production Valentine’s shop @ Market village
  • Chinese New year eve count down demo @ Splendid China Mall
  • Many faces of Markham @ Markham Theatre
  • + more upcoming events.

For more details or request MTA for demonstration.
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