Provincial GOLD

Sparring (Kyorugi)

Congratulation Ian Chan for competing and winning 1st Place in Ontario’s 1st Provincial Black Belt Challenge Championships of 2016. Ian came back from a first round loss to go undefeated afterwards in a grueling double elimination format to 1st Place.

Forms (Poomsae)

U10 Female – 2nd Emma Chau, 3rd Natalie To, Individual Poomsae

U10 Male – 1st Ethan Lok-Yee, Individual Poomsae

Youth Male – 3rd Matthew Lam, Individual Poomsae

Cadet Female – 3rd Mellisa Lam, Top 8 Michelle Lee, Individual Poomsae

Cadet Male – 2nd Enoch Chau, 3rd Anton Carreon, Individual Poomsae

Cadet Female – 1st Mellisa Lam, Team Poomsae

Cadet –  2nd Anton Carreon, Michelle Lee, Pair Poomsae

Junior Female – 1st Michelle Lam, Team Poomsae

U50 Male – 2nd Michael Lam, Individual Poomsae

U50 Female – 2nd Master Jessica Lam, Individual Poomsae

*Special Note Double Medal*- Mellisa Lam 1st & 3rd, Anton Carreon  2nd and 3rd

Edited by, Master John Huh