Provincial Game 2 Results

MTA had really good results over the past weekend at Provincial Game 2.

MTA had a total of 8 Gold Medals, 3 Silver, 2 Bronze.

Youth, Cadet and Junior – Boys / Girls
Gold – Ethan So
Gold – Mellisa Lam
Gold – Anton Carreon and Sabrina So
Gold – Michelle Lam  (Most competitive division)
Gold – Anton Carreon
Silver – Matthew Lam  (lost to EtahnSo)
Silver – Natalie To
Silver – Enoch Chau   (lost to Anton)
Bronze – Dennis Bae
Top 8 Finish – Joshua Kwan
Top 8 Finish – Michelle Lee, Evelyn Wu
Top 8 Finish – Sabrina So, Christine Cho

U50 Male / Female
Gold – Michael Lam
Gold – Jessica Lam

5th – Hansen Lau

Marshal Wang, Enoch Chau, Zakir Muhammad, and Sneha R. (bronze medalist) Competed in their first ever black belt provincial games. Everyone fought exceptionally well, and learn quite a lot. It is exciting to see them stepping up the commitment into competitive sparring.

Finally, congratulations to Ian Chan for winning his third Black Belt Provincial Champioships, this marks 3 consecutive Gold Medals. Ian’s last match was one of the highlights of the day as it was fun and exciting to watch. Thank you to the MTA cheering squad for all the support during his match.

Overall Mta did exceptionally well in the overall medal tally but escpecially in the gold medal count.

MTA is getting stronger and stronger each day. See you all back on the mats.

MTA staff