Ian Chan qualified for Pan Am Championship 2017

One of our finest sparring athlete, Ian Chan, flew to Portland, Oregon last weekend to compete for Pan Am qualifier in 2016 World Taekwondo President’s Cup. We are excited to annouce that Ian placed 3rd in very competitive -53kg division. Not only he won a bronze medal, but also secured himself a wildcard for the upcoming Pan Am championship.

Ian, he started his Tkd training since 5 years old and has gone through so many defeat for him to get to this point. He is a real fighter, he trains literally 7 days a week, did not skip training and never give up regardless how badly he lost his fight. He fought his way for many years and finally made his way to Team Canada. This is a Tkd spirit that we hope all our students carry….. We are very proud of him.

Good job!ian wild card.jpg