Kennedy & Hwy 7 Location

4560 Highway 7 East, (Hwy 7 & Kennedy) Unit #500, Markham On. L3R 1M5


Markham Taekwondo Academy’s facilities are clean, welcoming, and have many conveniences. Our Kennedy location has a large lobby and waiting area equipped with a lot of seating, reading material, and a television. In addition, there is a viewing area with more seating, where members and their families can wait and watch the class in progress. Our washrooms and changerooms are also clean and well maintained, with lockers for members’ convenience.
DSC_5932Our training area (dojang) comprises of a large, well lit air-conditioned room. The floor is padded with WTF approved mats, which are soft enough to avoid injury, yet firm enough to ensure a quality training session. The dojang is equipped with multiple kicking/punching bags, as well as various types of kicking shields and hand held targets.

Markham & Bur Oak Location

114 Anderson Ave. (Markham Rd & Bur Oak) Unit #2 Markham, ON, L6E 1A5

Our Bur Oak location has a well-equipped lobby, with lots of seating, a Television, large viewing windows to overlook the training area (dojang), so family members are welcome to watch without fear of distracting the athletes. Washrooms are also available, one of which is also wheelchair accessible.

The training area is divided into two separate areas. The main dojang is where classes are held, and is equipped with punching/kicking bags, shields and hand held targets. In addition, large west-facing windows allow plenty of natural sunlight. The second dojang is where students can practice before or after classes, or any time the school is open. Both dojangs have full-length floor to ceiling mirrors so students can see their techniques better, as well as WTF approved mats for their protection.