Junior Taekwondo Classes

Our Juniors Taekwondo program is designed to be fun, and stimulating, with emphasis on developing the necessary fundamental skills for children of different ages. Younger children learn the basics of Taekwondo in the form of fun drills, and games that focus on agility, balance, and coordination. Maturing youth further their technical ability, and develop specialized skills for the different streams of Taekwondo: the martial arts; competitive sparring; self defense; and personal growth. All of the classes focus on aiding the growth of the inherent Taekwondo qualities of discipline, respect, and self control through education, practice, and example.

Adult Taekwondo Classes

Our adult classes are catered to mature students with various goals in Taekwondo, whether that be exercise and weight loss, self defense, learning the martial arts, self-discipline, learning about Taekwondo philosophy, spiritual development, strength training, or recreational sparring, among countless others. Taekwondo is a great way to learn, exercise, and have fun. Markham Taekwondo Academy provides you with a well rounded program where students will certainly find the right path to achieving their goals (with guidance from our very helpful instructors) and finding companionship in a friendly environment.

High Performance Taekwondo Competitive Program

Our sport class is intended for both developing athletes, and high level competitors. This class focuses on tournament sparring, and is specifically for students who want to compete locally, provincially, or higher. The sport program is designed to be highly intense, with focus on “cardio” training, high level technical development, and World Taekwondo Federation sparring rules, with a very individual-based training and coaching approach.

Demonstration Team Program

The Demonstration Team comprised of students that shows dedication, focus, maturity, and outstanding level of Taekwondo skills. Students would learn to incorporate Taekwondo techniques with music and acrobatics. The Demonstration Team had the opportunity to perform at the Flato Markham Theatre,  City Mosaic by Across U-Hub, Night it Up, and school events. If you are interested to book out demonstration team for a performance. Please contact.

After School Pickup Program

Markham Taekwondo Academy’s After School Program is a great and high-quality. We ensures that your child is picked up at his or her school at their dismissal time, and well looked-after, until you are ready to pick them up at our academy. The after school program includes daily Taekwondo lessons; energetic games/ activities and supervised homework time.

MTA Summer Camp, March Break Camp, and PA Day Camp

Our day camps are great way for your child to make friends, be active, learn new skills, discover new interests, and create unforgettable experiences. Every camp offers something new and different with a wide variety of activities including excursions, Taekwondo training, Taekwondo theory lessons, fun and games, movies, arts and crafts activities, Field Trips and much more!


Edited by, Master John Huh